Google urges to update Chrome browser immediately

Google Chrome browser is now the most popular web browser in the world. There are hundreds of millions of Chrome browser users worldwide. This can be very important news for you if you use the Chrome browser. That’s because Google has asked all its Google Chrome browser users to update to the latest version of the browser.

Google has released hacking-resistant software for Chrome. Updating this software to Chrome does not increase the risk of hacking into a web browser, the said. Accounts logged in from Chrome are at risk of being hacked if the browser is not updated.

Google Chrome browser

The threat of hacking has been increasing steadily in the old version of the Chrome browser. Hackers can easily corrupt or modify the data stored in the browser memory. In addition, hackers maintain virtual access to the user’s device through it. Google has announced a new update to the Chrome browser has been implemented to remove the threat. Google company says this update will be available to all users within a few days.

The Google has updated iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux browsers to Chrome 7. IPhone users will get System Wide Dark mode with this update. Likewise, many new features have been added to the desktop version.

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