iPhone Mobile Price in Nepal 2020[Update]

iPhone Mobile Price in Nepal: Generation Next (also referred to as info Nxt) Communications Pvt. Ltd. is that the selected name for the licensed distribution of Apple product in Asian nation. Apple product embody iPad, iMac, MacBooks and undoubtedly the iPhones. the corporate has totally different|completely different lineups of iPhones here in Asian nation with different variants to suit the interest of various varieties of customers. The older iPhones, just like the iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 9, iPhone 6S, iPhone half dozen and, iPhone 6S and, iPhone seven and iPhone seven and is not any longer accessible in Asian nation through the licensed channel. [ Also click here: Huawei Mobiles Price In Nepal]

iPhones Mobile Price in Nepal [Update:2020/2/28]

Product Name

Maximum Retail Price (MRP)

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rs. 178,000(64GB)
Rs. 202,000(256GB)
Rs. 234,000(512GB)
iPhone 11 Pro Rs. 162,000(64GB)
Rs. 186,000(256GB)
Rs. 203,000(512GB)
iPhone 11 Rs. 115,000(64GB)
Rs. 125,000(128GB)
Rs. 135,000(256GB)
iPhone Xs Max Rs. 163,000(64GB)
Rs. 182,000(256GB)
Rs. 215,000(512GB)
iPhone Xs Rs. 148,000(64GB)
Rs. 172,000(256GB)
Rs. 203,000(512GB)
iPhone XR Rs. 109,500(64GB)
Rs. 118,000(128GB)
Rs. 129,500(256GB)
iPhone X Rs. 146,000(64GB)
Rs. 167,000(256GB)
iPhone 8 Plus Rs. 112,500(64GB)
Rs. 136,000(256GB)
iPhone 8 Rs. 91,000(64GB)
Rs. 119,500(256GB)
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