OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal [Updated]

OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal: Bearing the tagline of “Never Settles” OnePlus mobiles came to provide flagship-grade features at an appreciably lower price than the rest of the flagship smartphones. So for its generosity to provide flagship-grade specs at a minimal price, it is also remarked as a “Flagship Killer”. And during this article, we will discuss all the available OnePlus mobiles price in Nepal and the specs they inherit.

Before getting into the topic, we would like you to know that iHub Pvt. Ltd. is the licensed distributor of OnePlus smartphones in Nepal. The authorized distributor has been now successful to distribute OnePlus smartphones to more than thirty authorized resellers all over the country for offline sales. For online sales, iHub has managed to woo Olizstore and Daraz for online selling partnership. [Also click here: Latest Oppo Mobiles Price in Nepal]

OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal [Update:2020/2/28]

OnePlus Phones in Nepal Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
OnePlus 5 Rs. 52,500(6GB/64GB)
Rs. 58,500(8GB/128GB)
OnePlus 5T Rs. 57,500(6GB/64GB)
Rs. 72,900(8GB/128GB)
OnePlus 6 Rs. 74,900(6GB/64GB)
Rs. 82,900(8GB/128GB)
Rs. 95,000(8GB/256GB)
OnePlus 6T Rs. 69,999(6/128GB)
Rs. 80,000(8/128GB)
OnePlus 7  Rs. 66,999 65,499 (Price Drop)
OnePlus 7 Pro Rs. 89,900 83,000(6/128GB) (Price Drop)
Rs. 99,000(8/256GB)
Rs. 1,09,000(12/256GB)
OnePlus 7T (New!) Rs. 66,999(8/128GB)
OnePlus 7T Pro (New!) Rs. 91,999(8/128GB) (Price Drop)
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