The success of the iPhone 11, the price of Apple a year high

iPhone 11 mobile:

iPhone 11  US company Apple’s stock price rose to a high point in 2019. Apple’s share price on Thursday surpassed $ 250. Apple’s share price has risen by one and a half percent, with news of the rise in demand for the iPhone 11 becoming public.

Analysts expect Apple’s stock price to continue to rise steadily in the coming days. Apple was last announced to increase production of the iPhone 11, especially because Chinese consumers are more attracted to budget-priced iPhones. Apple has asked its suppliers to increase the production of iPhone 11 by 10 percent, or 80 million baht.

Consumers love this series iPhone because of the high price of the iPhone 11 along with the high quality camera features and many color options. Apple is projected to be selling 18 million mobile phones by 2020. [ Also read this: iPhone 11 Price and Specifications]

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