Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal 2020

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal: The new name to be superimposed to the list is none apart from Vivo. Vivo, the smartphone brand, which is heard to provide Moonlight camera on its smartphones and promises to provide Clearer Selfie has stepped its foot on the Nepali ground. With the persuasive taglines like “Clearer Selfie”, “Moonlight Selfie”, “Capture Every Detail”, “Capture the Smart Moment”, etc., the smartphone brand hints the camera to be its ultimate selling prospect. And with this attitude, Vivo mobiles plans to lure the camera-centric smartphone lovers, who are quite inclined to a similar niche brand like Oppo. [ Also click here: Ssamsung Mobile Price in Nepal]

Currently, there square measure 2 National distributors, which are handling the sales of the Vivo mobiles in Nepal. Apex Manakamana is dedicated to handling the business in the Kathmandu valley and the central region. Everest Manakamana is the part of Apex Group, which handles the mobile business being one of the Apex Digital’s Smartphone Chain Stores in Nepal.

Similarly, Cellucity Pvt.Ltd. handles the business on the Eastern and Western part of Nepal. And if you are curious to know about the places to buy Vivo mobiles in Nepal, we would like you to know that the smartphones are available in every retail outlet as the brand hopes for retail-oriented sales. Now with none additional din, allow us to enlist all the Vivo mobiles offered in Asian nation, their specs and value in Asian nation.

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal [Update:2020/2/28]

Latest Vivo Mobile Phones Maximum Retail Price(MRP)
Vivo V17 Pro (New!) Rs. 52,490(8/128GB)
Vivo V15 Pro Rs. 50,390
Vivo V15 Rs. 41,990
Vivo V11 Pro Rs. 49,490
Vivo V11 Rs. 35,690
Vivo S1 Pro(New) Rs. 36,790(8/128GB)
Vivo S1 (New) Rs. 34,690 (6/128GB)
Rs. 31,49028,990 (4/128GB) Price Drop
Vivo Y17 Rs. 29,390
Vivo Y15 (2019) Rs. 26,290
Vivo Y12 Rs. 21,999
Vivo Y93 Rs. 17,890
Vivo Y11 (2019) (New) Rs. 17,990
Vivo Y90 Rs. 13,690
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